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Ahoo Hamedi

Born in Tehran, Iran, 1981
2005 B.A Fine Arts in Painting Azad University, Tehran, Iran
Solo Exhibitions:
2018 “Red Dude Series, Ahoo Hamedi’s Recent Works”, Homa Gallery, Tehran
2016 “Transparency Starts in the Heart”, Homa Gallery, Tehran
2014 “The Missing Tile Syndrome”, Homa Gallery, Tehran
2011 “Face- Hidden-Volume”, AB protects,Switzerland
2010 Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010 “Eye on Winter”, Mekic Gallery, Montreal, Canada
2009 Basement Gallery, Dubai, UEA
2009 Homa Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007 Homa Gallery, Tehran
Group Exhibitions:
2023 “Connective Strings of Resilience”, Foundry, Dubai
2023 “Sight and Insight: Where the light gets in”, Bavan Gallery, Tehran
2022 “Don’t bit me”, Blue Rhino Art Consultancy ,Akaretler Gallery, Istanbul
2022 “Magma”, Vali Art Gallery, Tehran
2022 “The Observer – Online Viewing”, Bavan Gallery, Tehran
2022 “Whom – Online Viewing”, Inja Gallery, Tehran
2022 “Dreaming Tomorrow – Online Viewing”, Emergeast, London
2021 “They_Have_Been”, Sheydaei Art Gallery, Tehran
2021 “Portrait In Contemporary Aspect”, Jaleh Gallery, Tehran
2021 “The World of Lights “, Nowon Gallery, Tehran
2021 “A Selection of a Private Collection”, Artibition, Tehran
2020 “Photogenic”, Soo Contemporary, Tehran
2020 “Ten Days Like Flower – Online”, Choom Gallery, Bandar-e Anzali
2018 “Summer Collection”, Homa Gallery, Tehran
2018 “Drawing & Gavel”, Drawing Museum, Tehran
2017 “Impossible Words”, Bon Gallery, Tehran
2014 “The Feeling of Happiness”, Homa Gallery, Tehran
2010 “Shemage”, Homa Gallery, Tehran
2010 “Silence” series, AB Gallery, Luzern, Switzerland
2009 “Three Generation Artists”, Art Center Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008 Mekic Gallery, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
2008 “Heaven on Earth: Portraying the Iranian Woman”, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
2008 Niavaran Autumn, Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran
2008 “New Generation”, Blue Hall in Niavaran Palace, Tehran