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I’m Tired of dying

I’m tired of dying …

It is not known with certainty how and when man became armed with his tongue. Whatever it is, it was language that tore down the walls of primitive human individuality and made society.
With the formation of human societies, calligraphy was born of language, and as time went on it moved from image to word and back to image. This is how life evolved over time and took on meaning with words and images. Human civilization emerged from the heart of time and created a pluralistic identity for contemporary man. Now every nation and tribe, with every gens and language and ideas and beliefs, in every geography of this land area, has a unique identity whose building is based on historical layers. Complex and complex structures whose materials are ideas, myths, memories, experiences, dreams, architecture, art, image and word.

Now the question is:
What kind of identity is the accumulation and integration of historical experiences, and the interaction of contemporary and ancient layered images and texts, in the collective mind of modern man? Why is the quality of life not the same everywhere?

Amin Haghrah