Open Daily 16:00 -21:00, Closed on Saturdays


Choom Gallery is a prominent destination for contemporary art and painting enthusiasts. As a hub for artistic exploration, Choom Gallery showcases an exceptional collection of contemporary artworks, featuring both guest artists and our esteemed roster of resident artists.

With a focus on contemporary painting and the ever-evolving world of art, Choom Gallery presents a captivating array of styles, techniques, and themes. From abstract and experimental compositions to figurative and conceptual pieces, our gallery offers a diverse range of artistic expressions that challenge conventional norms and captivate the imagination.

The gallery proudly represents a distinguished group of guest artists who bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to the forefront. These guest artists, renowned for their creative prowess and boundary-pushing works, collaborate with Choom Gallery to create dynamic and engaging exhibitions that resonate with art enthusiasts.

Alongside our guest artists, Choom Gallery showcases the extraordinary talents of our resident artists. These established and highly regarded artists form the core of our artistic identity, consistently pushing the boundaries of their craft and creating captivating artworks that leave a lasting impression. Their commitment to artistic excellence and their ongoing exploration of various mediums and themes contribute to the gallery’s vibrant and dynamic atmosphere.

Each artist featured at Choom Gallery possesses a unique biography that reflects their artistic journey, influences, and achievements. These biographies offer insights into the artist’s creative evolution, providing a deeper understanding of their artistic practice and the inspirations behind their works.

Our exhibitions, carefully curated throughout the year, provide a platform for our guest and resident artists to showcase their remarkable artworks. These exhibitions serve as catalysts for meaningful dialogue, cultural exchange, and artistic exploration. Visitors to Choom Gallery have the opportunity to witness the artistic evolution of our artists, engage with thought-provoking themes, and experience the power of contemporary art firsthand.

Choom Gallery, with its dedication to contemporary painting and commitment to showcasing both guest and resident artists, invites you to embark on a transformative journey through the captivating world of art. Discover the boundless creativity and profound expressions that define Choom Gallery, and immerse yourself in the ever-evolving realm of contemporary art.