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At first glance, Ahmad Montazeri’s drawings seem like a great amount of details and dense and nested forms. They invite the enthusiastic viewer to deep reflection and observation. And only in this way you can step into the world of his works and discover their hidden layers.

Since his serious presence in the field of art, the component of line has been the most important part of his works. When you look at his drawings, you see the canvas or the paper is filled with thin and repeated lines (recently, numerous tiny dots have also been added to them), in a deliberate and unhurried manner. These lines create a diverse and detailed texture and a relatively abstract space with their repetition. Dealing with this volume of lines and dots requires a lot of patience, solitude and concentration.

 A review of his works shows the variety of experience in facing the line, his efforts in using it and, as a result, how his work has been expanded. One should not expect any kind of description or literary narration from his drawings and paintings; but in his works you can see the artist’s interest in nature, his meticulous attention to its detail and his sensitivities towards the surrounding life phenomena.

Improvisation and the insistence that he has in focusing on his subjectivity have made his works far away from any realism and narrative. Thus, his works present a complicated, labyrinthine and restless world that originates from love; love for nature and life itself, and also his environmental and even social concerns.

Hassan Morizi Nejad

Summer 2022