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Ali Chitsaz - Ali Chitsaz - Ali Chitsaz

Ali Chitsaz

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1979, Ali Chitsaz studied at the Azad University of Tehran and the School of the
Art Institute of Chicago. He has exhibited prolifically in Iran in solo and group exhibitions and has shown
internationally in London, Athens, Dubai, Cambridge, Chicago, and New York. He currently lives and
works in New York City.
Solo Show:
2010 Aran Art Gallery, Tehran.
2008 Golestan Gallery, Tehran.
Two-man Show:
2014 Roots & Culture, Chicago. Exhibition titled “We Love War”
Group Shows:
2021 Group show, “Long Live Life”, Choom Gallery, Bandar-e Anzali
2019 Queens Museum, NYC. Exhibition titled “Executive (Dis)Order: Art, Displacement, & the ban”.
2019 Shams art gallery, Paris
2019 17 Essex St. NYC. Exhibition titled “ A rain of light & death”.
2016 Rogue pace chelsea, NYC. Exhibition titled “Iran x Cuba: Beyond the headline”.
2014 Touch Gallery, Cambridge. Exhibition titled “PaintingWall”
2012 School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago. Exhibition titled “Passengers”.
2010 Aun Gallery, Tehran. Exhibition titled “Thirteen Artists for the New Day”.
2010 Aran Art Gallery,Tehran. Exhibition titled “Tehran, Virtual and Real” .
2009 Leila Heller Gallery, New York, Exhibition titled “Selseleh Zelzeleh”.
2009 Silk Road Gallery Tehran , Exhibition titled “ Iran Now “.
2008 “Color of Love “, Tehran Niavaran Palace.
2007 Iran Heritage Foundation, London.
2007 Artspace Galleries, London.
2007 Tehran Gallery, Tehran University, Tehran.
2007 Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art, Isfahan.
2006 Mane Honar e No, Tehran.
2006 Day Gallery, Tehran.
2006 Mah Art Gallery, Tehran.
2005 Mane Honar e No, Tehran
2001 Italian School of Pietro Della Vale, Tehran.
Art Fairs:
2010 Mural Project at Art Dubai, Dubai, project titled “Labour”.
2008 Art Athena. Exhibition of “ Lion under the Sun “, Athena.