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M.Smart  - M.Smart - M.Smart


Born in Tehran, Iran, 1998
Study BA In Architecture at Tehran Markaz University, Tehran, Iran
2015, High School Diploma In Math and Physics, Rouzbeh High School, Tehran, Iran
Solo Exhibitions:
2018, “bees eat flowers because their goalkeeper is weak”, Delgosha Gallery, Tehran Iran
2017, “Mr.NematiTs Snake”, Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2010, “Green Unicorn”, Behzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2007, “World In Future”, Behzad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
Selected Group Exhibitions:
2021, Group show, “Long Live Life”, Choom Gallery, Bandar-e Anzali
2021, “the eastern whistle, Resurrection”, Tehran,Iran
2020, “toxic sunrise”, Soo Gallery, Tehran,Iran
2019, “new day, new wave”, curated by fereydoun ave, ibou gallery, paris, france
2019, “Eastern Whistle, New day” , curated by Fereydoun Ave, Lajevardi foundation, Tehran, Iran
2019, “Down whith Reality”, Emrooz Gallery, Isfahan, Iran
2018, “The Eastern Whistle”, D’Angers Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018, “Badha”, Delgosha Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017, “Density” Curated By Javid Ramezani, Four Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016, “What Is The Future of Art? Call”, Tate Modern, London, UK
2015, Fifth Damoonfar Painting Biennial, PardisMellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012, “A-Four”, Drawing House, Tehran, iran
Curated shows:
2020, 40 minutes interview about Eastern Whistle, Soo Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020, New Drawings, Soo Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020, Rolly, Soo Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019, Faces, Homa gallery, Tehran,Iran
2017, “Down With Reality” By Sahar Eftekharzadeh, Tandismag Website
2015, The Young Graffiti Artist: M.Smart, Iran Graffiti Magazine
2014, A Short Story By Mahdi Nemati, DastanMagazine
2010, The Young Painter: Interview Conducted ByAmir Mohajer, Asia Newspaper