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It has never been discovered why the Aliov’s Ship* sank off the coast of Miyan Poshteh- somewhere in front of the old Bazaar- during the last years of RezaShah’s reign.
The still life of that Iron giant remained in the sea until 1942, when it was taken out from the water, shredded in pieces, and sold as scrap iron.
As they say, in addition to the ship, Aliov also owned a public bath in Bandar- e Pahlavi. So before the ship shredding, the boiler was taken apart and settled on the roof of the bath, to warm Aliov bathwater, and also the boatswain pipe- called Svistok- was set as an instrument for warning and informing the public.
* It is said that this is the only cargo ship owned by Iran which carried oil from the Caucasus to Zaghoot Nobel ( Nobel Brothers’ petroleum company reservoirs) located in Pahlavi port.