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Duality is a painful and terrifying state. The conflict between the human and animal dimension, beauty and ugliness, good and evil… choosing the path is difficult. This is where art helps. A light in the dark, with which the unknown unconscious can be seen a little brighter. Art has an informative nature. We traveled with the Pigoats, into this unknown space. We tried to understand the truth of our duality. Although we could not erase or cure it, but we got rid of it to some extent by projecting it, by making a work of art (pigoats). What we see of the Pigoats at first are multifaceted beings in a tireless effort to become one. Their lost identity was a hellish situation that affected their gender and structure. Skinning them hundreds of times has resulted in such rough and rough looking creatures. They were formed from recycled materials, because they are concerned about the waste that our human life produces. Pigoats are a gate that invites the audience to reflect on the existential duality of the journey towards the unification of darkness and finding the way to light. Each Pigoat with a different destiny tells a different story.