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The paintings of “Abolhassan Mohammad Rezaei” is to watch a “massive aura”;
To watch the trees, standing in the horizon, pass the threshold of ancientness. Trees in the massive aura.
Brilliant pictures
Within the mass of the thousands of dry scales
Making “Anzali” flicker.
The painter’s massive hesitancy is scattered throughout the painting and blue is dripping,
The refracted blue in the marsh.
From water to paint
There are paintings that shine and glow, and you can see how this light has spread the shadow
From paint to water.
A massive cloud with some black veins
A mass of uneven trees
Houses; with cinnamon roofs and oyster walls
And to watch that colors are endless
And Anzali is suffused with golden light due to the rays of the morning sun.
Gray fish
Invisible in the blue canvas, on the silk shadow of the fog
And the marsh
Dancing with the rhythm of the golden spears!
The high water is green; the outburst of the reeds
The high water is green; the ballad of the seagulls
The high water is green; the incident of the color.
The morning is bright imbued with dense fog;
“Monet” is kind with a pinch of melancholy;
The yellow flowers are of beauty with a shade of fear;
And yet
It is the “great mass of clarity” that dazzles the eyes.
And all these scattered bulks, and all these masses
All these mirror refractions
All these slight explosions
On the smooth and calm surface.

* This text contains a collage of “M. Moayed’s” poetry
And is indebted to him.

Hadi Mirzanejad Movahed
August 2023