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“Živir” in Gilaki language is used in two senses depending on the location and situation: “a loud cry” and also “an spiral escape from the obstacles or crowd in the path.”
The collection presented by Sajjad Kashf in the latest exhibition at Choom Gallery, under the same title, is actually an attempt to visualize the hidden concepts in this word through lines, colors, and occasionally blurred images. It plays a role in the imaginative and playful mind, arising from the illusions, fantasies, fears, and hopes of the wounded and suffering human beings of today in the hard and difficult passage of life, in any time and place they are affected by it.
This collection is an illustrated letter of disgust that provokes war and creates death, as well as a flattering statement for the one who still has the excitement of living with the help of flowers, stars, and kisses.
“živir” is a tired but exciting cry, in the escape from continuous suffering and suffocating life…

Amin Haghrah
October 2023